b. 1987, San Diego, California

2016 - MFA, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California
2011 - BA, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, California
2010 - Undergraduate Thesis, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Solo Exhibitions and Performances
One should plant trees, Artbug Gallery, Los Angeles, California (solo exhibition and durational performance)

Saline dissonance, Larnaca Biennale, Salt Lake, Larnaca, Cyprus (site-specific performance with video footage shown in gallery)

i wanted the sun’s fire, Artcrib 2020, Los Angeles, California (month-long performance shared through video)

meddy, 2019, Morocco (a performance piece carried out over two months in Al Haouz, Marrakech and Rabat)

r/evolving, SomoS Arts, Berlin, Germany (month-long performance of Tower 13)
Ice and Fire, Undisclosed location, Los Angeles, California (independent performance)

Ivanka Loves Refugees, PØST, Los Angeles, California (performance and ensuing exhibition)
Havana Intoxication, Elevator Mondays, Los Angeles, California (installation and performance)

Brown Eyed Girl, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California (MFA Thesis performance and exhibition)

The Blood Portrait Project, TRUU Designs Studio, Pasadena, California

Selected Group Exhibitions and Performances
In Their Own Image, The Mak Center for Art and Architecture (solo performance of sURGE as part of VALIE EXPORT’s exhibition Embodied)
With Fire in Our Hearts
, Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles, California (performance of A part i hide/Do not disperse with Vanessa Dahbour)

The Substance of Heaven Convocations, virtual performance hosted by Performance Art Open Call, New York City (invited performer by Verónica Peña)
, international Viral Virtual Event Collaboration organized by Transitstation, PAOC and PEPA (performance)

Quantified Selves Vulnerable Bodies, Space One, Seoul, Korea (screening of Blood Film, a collaboration with Mari Walker)

Auto-Intimate Trace, Alexanderplatz subway station, Berlin, Germany (a site-specific piece with Yon Natalie Mik)
The Invisible Archive/Goodbye Books Performative Lecture, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, Berlin, Germany (a collaboration with Yon Natalie Mik and Micaela Terk)
Not An Exit: Old School Performance Art in L.A., Art Share L.A., Los Angeles, California (performance of Erotica Read to a Soundtrack by my Gut)
Let Me Eat Cake, Too!!, Blue Roof Studios, Los Angeles, California (performance of borborygmi at preview opening)

4th of July Performance, Künste der Welt (KdeWe), Esslingen, Germany (performance with Yaron Guerrero Santos and Leander Schwazer)
ARTCRIB 18, Claremont, California (pop-up show exhibiting writing on Ice and Fire)

Does It Make A Sound, Ochi Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho (performance of Running Out of Time)
Set the Table, BBQLA, Los Angeles, California (performance of LA River piece)
Irrational Exhibitions 10, Mapping the Divide, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, California (durational performance of Sincerely, America)
Far Bazaar 2017, Cerritos College, Los Angeles, California (performance of Blue Lips)

Irrational Exhibitions 9, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, California (performance of Jam Lick)
SoCal MFA Juried Exhibition, Millard Sheets Center for the Arts, Pomona, California
WITH/IN, Kallick Gallery, Pitzer College, Claremont, California (performance of Stick Piece)
The Global Mixup, Space Debris Art, Istanbul, Turkey and Lumberjack, London, England (host and participant for the Los Angeles group)

The Airmail Project, Space Debris Art, Istanbul, Turkey, Camberwell Post Office, London, England, and A Fish in Sea Community, Hamra, Beirut (co-organization of traveling art project with Richard Watkins)
Golden Gate Parlor Show, Silverlake, Los Angeles, California    

Three Nice Words, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California (performance of Diet Coke Bath)
Beyond Borders, The House of Lebanon, Los Angeles, California

No Vacancy, Artwork to support Syrian Refugees, Louis Jane Studio, Pasadena, California
Coochie Coo, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, California

777, The Dome, Beirut, Lebanon (A large-scale performance piece under the organization of Cornelia Kraft)
Senior Thesis Exhibition, The American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Collaborations with Regina Mamou as Research for the Bermuda Triangle (RBT)
Common Fantasy/Gemeinsame Fantasie, The Wende Museum of the Cold War (installation)
Scent-by-mail program, Los Angeles, California (distributed by post to local and international recipients)

Publick Spectacle, PØST nomadic project at MiM Gallery, Los Angeles, California (One-night intervention for the month-long Kamikaze exhibitions)
Dazzle Camouflage, Flat Top Hill in Montecito Heights, Los Angeles, California (One-night intervention for the performance festival Weekend at Berenice)
7 Actions for a Concrete-Colored Sky, 13th Bienal de la Habana parallel program, The Blockhouse, Havana, Cuba (One-night intervention for the Fluxus festival Cantos Comunes/Common Chants)
Geldwä$€he/Money-Laundering, SomoS Art Space, Berlin, Germany (One-night intervention, exhibition, and micro-residency)
Best Western, Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco (Tableau vivant as artists-in-residence)

contraDINE, Concept 2092 at Haven for Artists, Beirut, Lebanon (One-night intervention followed by exhibition as artists-in-residence)

Honors and Awards
Fulbright Scholar Award, semi-finalist for Cyprus

“Grand Prix,”—Larnaca Biennale winner in all categories

Friedman Grant Recipient, Claremont Graduate University
GSC Student Travel and Material Award

“The Prestige Award and Film Festival,”—Silver Award in Experimental Film for Blood Film.
“The Indie Gathering,”—Second Place in Experimental-Micro category for Blood Film.
“Columbia Gorge International Film Festival,”—Best Experimental Short for Blood Film.
“The Indie Fest,”—Award of Excellence for Blood Film.
“Lucerne International Film Festival,”—Award of Merit for Blood Film.
“Sydney Underground Film Festival,”—Award Winner for Blood Film.

Regent and Chancellor’s Scholarship Recipient, University of California, Berkeley

Kammari Residency, Treis Elies, Cyprus
Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus

Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco

Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco
Haven for Artists, Beirut, Lebanon
SomoS Arts, Berlin, Germany

Artist Presentations
FOCA Art Conversations – Lara Salmon (screening and talk)

Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai and Lara Salmon in Conversation, ONE Archives (release of The Invisible Archive issue on Prima authored by Lara)

Body within Performance/Lara Salmon, Dancehouse Lefkosia (artist presentation)
Scent Memory Workshop
, Culver City Unified School District (virtual Art Night)

Artist Talk with Research for the Bermuda Triangle, the Wende Museum of the Cold War (presentation of Common Fantasy/Gemeinsame Fantasie)
Salon for the Senses: Scent with Research for the Bermuda Triangle, Fellows of Contemporary Art (virtual artist talk)

Open Mic, 4th Annual Experimental Scent Summit, (virtual presentation with Regina Mamou of Scent-by-Mail Program and Common Fantasy/Gemeinsame Fantasie)

Can’t Touch This, The Institute for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles, California (Artist talk with Regina Mamou presenting the work of Research for the Bermuda Triangle)

Experience Teaching and Leading Critique Groups
Artist Discussion Group, Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco (founder and facilitator)
Peer to Peer Project Feedback Session, SomoS Arts, Berlin, Germany (one-night facilitator)

Artblitz Los Angeles Crit Group, Widgets Artspace, Los Angeles, California (co-founder and leader)

The Art of the Critique, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California (student course leader)

Assistant for Keith Lord, Intro to Drawing, University of La Verne, La Verne, California

“VALIE EXPORT: MAK Center for Art and Architecture,” by Georgia Lassner, Artforum

“Liberate Gaza: For Your Viewing Pleasure Interview,” Space On Space, on Land, Power & Art

“Η preformance της Lara Salmon για την Κύπρο στο Λος Άντζελες,” by Christina Kasia, Alpha News Live

“Από την ελευθερία ως την αυθαιρεσία. Larnaca Biennale: In ‘K’ the winner of the Grand Prix Lara Salmon and the curator Vassilis Vassiliades” by Louizas Louis and Apostolos Kouroupakis, Kathimerini News
“Μπήκε γυμνή στην Αλυκή Λάρνακας για να "ενωθεί" με τη γη του παππού της,” by Christina Kasia, Alpha News Live
“Larnaca Biennale kicks off this week,” by Eleni Philippou, CyprusMail
“Understanding how an artist works,” by Eleni Philippou, CyprusMail
“Hvordan lugter Danmark år 2021? Hvordan lugtede DDR før murens fald?: Nu kan du dufte af mug, varemangel og underdertrykkelse,” by Nils Thorsen, Politiken
“A Fragrance Bottles Up the Everyday Scents of Former East Germany,” by Renée Reizman, Hyperallergic

“The Scent Of East Germany In A Tincture Sample + Giveaway,” by Eddie Bulliqi, Fragrantica

“Meet Regina Mamou and Lara Salmon of Research for the Bermuda Triangle,” Voyage LA
“Lara Salmon,” The Invisible Archive: Vol. Berlin, Issue No. 1

“A quickie: We’re already women, do we have to be on fire? Lara Salmon’s Ice and Fire,” by Georgia Sydney Lassner, Unpublished

“Lara Salmon: Fresh Faces in Art: Artists You Should Know,” by Kio Griffith, Fabrik Contemporary Art and Design, Issue 37
“Eternal Messages to the Middle East,” by Moj Mehr-Assa, Artillery Magazine
“5 Art Shows to See in LA This Week,” by Catherine Wagley, LA Weekly

“Foothill: a journal of poetry,” Claremont Graduate University, Volume 5, Number 1 (solo featured artist)
Interview on Al Arabiya Morning Show
Interview for The Airmail Project, Future TV Network, Lamasat (program), Episode 273 (filmed in Beirut, Lebanon)

“Pasadena Art show helps Syrian Refugees caught in Crisis,” by Rachel Young, Pasadena Now
“Mother-daughter artists raise money for Syrian Refugees,” by Brenda Ghazzar, Los Angeles Daily News
“Beirut’s Brood,” by Adam Klein, MIT Press Performance Art Journal, 97th Series 3.1, pages 63-70

Published Writing
“Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai,” The Invisible Archive: Vol. L.A., Issue No. 7

“Ting Ying Han: Motion in Art,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“A New Genre of Art Writing: Ana Teo Ala-Ruona at Gas,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“The Tender Touch of an Exceptional Motherhood: Alice Marie Perreault at Flux Art Space,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“soft. core. – a Duo Female Curating Initiative,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“Conrad Ruiz Paints the Guys, Dudes, Bros and Men,” Art and Cake Los Angeles

“Annie Kurkdjian at Art Lab Lebanon,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“PALA LAB: Cultivating a Meta-Collective in Berlin,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“The Tenth Berlin Biennale: No Hero Necessary,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“Teresita de la Torre: Hilanda Relaciones at Eastside International,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“Weekend at Berenice: Performance Art is Well and Alive in the Hillsides of Los Angeles,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“iris yirei hu: How to Exist through Interwoven Knowledge,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“Rachel Yezbick, COVER ME,” Art and Cake Los Angeles
“Zoë Buckman Packs a Punch in Let Her Rave at Gavlak,” Art and Cake Los Angeles

“Elevator Mondays: Ascending Convention,” Artblitz Los Angeles
“Liz Nurenberg: Invitation to Play,” Artblitz Los Angeles
“Seymour Polatin: A Drive to Curate,” Artblitz Los Angeles
“Jason Rhoades: A Homecoming,” Artblitz Los Angeles 
“Angkrit Ajchariyasophon: Art in the Time of Politics,” Artblitz Los Angeles

“Behind the Tongs: the Guys of BBQLA,” Artblitz Los Angeles
“In the Dungeon of Kim Ye,” Artblitz Los Angeles
“Robert Mapplethorpe, Public Exhibitions in Los Angeles,” Artblitz Los Angeles